How to get Google AdSense Approval for Website

How to get Google AdSense Approval for your blog

If you are looking for earning a money from Google AdSense and want to know which are the necessary steps before applying to AdSense program. following is the step by step guide for what is google AdSense, How to apply for Google AdSense and basic requirements for google AdSense approval.

What is Google AdSense ?

AdSense is ads platform for your website. Google publishes ads on your blog based on relevant content and audience. Ad publishers pays money to google and google share some of money with us for showing ads on our blog. This is how the bloggers earn via AdSense program.

Top Level Domain

You have to purchase top level domain like .com, .in, .org .

For AdSense approval google doesn’t mention any criteria about domain extensions but well know domain extension will definitely help you for SEO & to get AdSense faster.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is important for you security of website . As of now many hosting website provide you free SSL certificate with domain name or with hosting.

having forced HTTPS and SSL is important to get AdSense approval.

if your blog is on blogger then SSL certificate is not required. blogger default comes with SSL certificate security.

Responsive and simple theme

Simple, easy to navigate, without much cluster blog is important to get AdSense approval. use simple blogger or WordPress theme. do not create unnecessary pages and designs.


Google doesn’t specify the number of articles required for AdSense . we have received one website with 2 to 3 articles but these articles shall be unique and original. I recommend to have minimum 10 to 20 original articles before applying for AdSense.

The length of the article shall be from 300 to 800 words. However the neat and clear message from article is sufficient for AdSense. unnecessary repapering same things doesn’t add any value.

Copyright free images

Always use copyright free images in your articles. For creation of featured images, in-post article you can use canva or any other applications online.

having copyright free images will definitely help you to get AdSense faster.

Create following pages

About Us

Contact Us

Terms and conditions (For Free Terms & Condition Generator Click Here )

Disclaimer ( For Free Disclaimer Generator Click Here )

Privacy policy ( For Free Privacy Policy Generator Click Here )

Site map (in HTML code)

DMCA Compliance ( For Free DMCA Compliance generator Click Here )

You should create minimum above all pages and same shall published on your website. These pages need to be added to menu for easy navigation.

Other Points

A) For AdSense you should apply only once all above options completed. if AdSense got rejected . then apply again but don’t stop publishing articles/posts.

B) If your site on WordPress activate all google products example Google Analytics, Google search console, page insights etc.

C) Don’t purchase traffic from any website. simply don’t go for shortcut.

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