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Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

I Started the journey with blogging in 2020 lockdown. I always wanted to start a blog but being and chemical engineering student I never had interaction with coding but when I learned about WordPress I started to exploring the things and here I am now created more than 10+ websites and YouTube channel Read me more about me in about me section.

You want to start a journey of blogging without prior knowledge here I am to help you t create successful blog.

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I Create Products Not Just Arts

Started with no knowledge of blogging world in lockdown now hoping people to create successful blogs.

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Frontend and Backend Developer

I have started the design of UI/UX in 2015 when I was worked as Co-founder and designer of website in our startup Ezzyserve.com. Then I started my own blog Booknub in 2017 and journey still continue today.


What My Clients Says

I took feedback very seriously for creating successful digital company every feedback is important

Nitin & team is very  helpful and very goal oriented they delivers the products as promised.

Avinash Kusmade

Being a blogger have  to creat beautiful website, Nitin worked for my Traveller blog and created the beautiful blog for me.

Pooja Raut

I have been working with Nitin since 7 years and he is very detail oriented and creates the world class products.

Vaidya Tukaram

Being a good and helpful developer I look forward to working with Nitin & Team for our next project.

Rupali Jadhav

Team helps the from creating concept to successful blog within very minimal time kudos to team.

Swapnil Rane

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