Fire Water Demand calculation for the process plants

Fire Water Demand calculation for the process plants


The objective of this activity is to calculate the firewater demand
required by the fixed fire protection systems for process plants as per OISD- 116.


BEDP : Basic Engineering Design Practice
EPCC : Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
LSTK : Lump Sum Turnkey
MMTPA : Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum
NFPA : National Fire Protection Association
OISD : Oil Industry Safety Directorate
PMC Project Management Consultant


The following codes and standards with latest code shall be followed for the calculation of the fire water demand calculation for any process plant.

OISD-STD-116 : Fire Protection facilities for Petroleum Refineries and Oil and Gas

NFPA-15 : Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection

Fire Water Demand Calculation :

The fire water demand for process unit to be estimated based on all the three alternates as
per clause no. 2.5 of Annexure-I of OISD-116.

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